Communication Based Train Control (CBTC)

CBTC based on radio communication maintains the safe operation of trains through remote control of railroads, mutual detection of trains, maintenance of safe distance between preceding and subsequent trains, and route linkage and speed limit. ATP/ATO, a primary subsystem that performs vital functions of train safety operation, controls and monitors train location detection, train speed determination, and monitoring, automatic service, access control, emergency stop, train automatic process to secure safe operation.

STraffic's CBTC solution for Korea enables automatic operation without an orbital circuit, allowing high precision train location detection, train location real-time tracking, and continuous two-way wireless data communication on the ground with high reliability. We have obtained SIL4 (Safety Integrity Level 4) certification, secured interoperability through comprehensive performance test evaluation conducted by the Korea Railroad Research Institute, and completed the test at Mokpo Daebul Line in Korea.